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Read/Write "INI" file - Stack Overflow Structured English is the use of the English language with the syntax of structured programming to communicate the desn of a computer program to non-cal users by breaking it down into logical steps using strahtforward English words. Evening Everyone - I'm looking for some thoughts on how to read / write values from a windows "ini" structured file. I have a settings file created with another.

Classic VB - <b>How</b> can I read/<b>write</b> a text <b>file</b>?

Classic VB - How can I read/write a text file? NET that I myself used for some time as a replacement to the popular notepad. The last line is just to close the file and complete the operation. You can read from or write to a text file using the Open statement, Close statement and various other statements for actually reading/writing. The Open statement.

Writing To Text <i>Files</i> Visual Basic 6 VB6

Writing To Text Files Visual Basic 6 VB6 Now you can ask questions directly to me on my new site ASPForums. Provides multiple ways to save program data out to a file. This VB Tutorial will walk you through several different ways to easily save your data to a.

How to write to a file in vb:

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