Writing Effective CVs - University of Strathclyde Back in the late 1950s Creamies was asked by a grade school principal to make a frozen treat with milk instead of sugar water. Advice. A CV is an individual record and description of one individual person 'curriculum vitae' literally means 'course of life'. However, a CV is more than just a.

Being a good referee - Review of International Economics A CV is an individual record and description of one individual person ('curriculum vitae' literally means 'course of life'). If you write an article on a given subject, editors often assume you. o If you are unfair or sloppy in a referee report, the authors may strike back. The editor will.

Referee Report Title of the paper When I started composing this post in my head, I began my mentally dividing in to recommendations which make a report useful for an editor and those which make it useful for the author. Referee Report Title of the. Is it a good fit for the journal to which it was submitted? ∗Author's. Does the paper adequately deal with attrition from the sample?

How to Write a Referee Report Here is a brief answer in response to this frequently asked question. How does it work? • Your first referee report may be given to you by your advisor. – It's good training for you. – It's a good way for your advisor to see how you.

Tips on Writing a Referee's Report As a public service manager you have a responsibility to write referee reports for your staff. This note presents some suggestions for writing good referee reports. Keywords referee reports; academic work; refereeing. JEL codes A2.

Referee Reports One thread common to the comments on the two previous posts, on informing referees of decisions and sharing reports with other referees was the question of calibration of referee reports, and, more importantly, how does a referee know if he has written a useful/helpful/suitable report? The main requirement for the class is a series of referee reports, which you will have to write. A good referee report begins by summarizing the paper succinctly.

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Being a <i>good</i> <i>referee</i> - Review of International Economics
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Fall 2004 ARE 251 /ECON 270A - Guidelines for <i>Referee</i> <i>Reports</i>.

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