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Lick here for a pdf of ideas - Church Missionary Society Scarlett O’Hara and Princess Leia had something to say to me in prayer this morning. PRAYER. The best way to pray for your missionaries is to use the prayer points. Writing letters to or emailing missionaries is a great way to show them you.

Victory - <em>Write</em> to a <em>Missionary</em>

Victory - Write to a Missionary The other day, I was feeling depressed and didn’t know why. Local church website


EFFECTIVE MISSIONARY NEWSLETTERS - Tennessee Temple. At City Connexx we seek to glorify the Lord by serving our brothers and sisters like you in their short-term mission trip needs as well as support our ministry partners long term throughout the year. Telling and showing the recipient what happened. 6 Missionaries need to write about their work, family, prayer concerns, and spiritual victories.7.

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Ways to Encourage a Missionary - The Gospel Coalition Writing a Global Mission Policy Every church has a policy on global and cross-cultural mission even if it isn’t written down. In an effort to learn how we can best encourage missionaries. and family and enjoy keeping up to date on what's happening in your life!”.

What to write a missionary:

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